Our Sustainability

Remove Single Use Plastic

Single-use plastic has been entrenched and pervasive in jewellery industry supply chains worldwide for many decades. Secrets have committed to abolishing this practice entirely by 2023.  

Impact of Single-Use Plastic

The use of a range of single-use plastics - from clip-lock bags to protect and freight individual pieces, to molds used to display and package jewellery – are used extensively throughout the jewellery industry. Yet, we all understand the environmental impact of single-use plastics and recognise our responsibility to pursue alternative solutions and minimise the environmental impact of these products.

Our Commitment

Secrets are committed to removing all single-use plastics from our supply chains by the end of 2023. As a brand built on sustainability, we have taken the first steps to progressively replace single-use plastics with recyclable and other responsibly sourced materials. 

It is our hope that more sustainable solutions become a matter of priority for the entire jewellery industry, and we see a greater commitment to drastically reducing the amount of plastic ending up as landfill or in our waterways.