A Greener Mindset


Say I Love You With a More Responsible Choice

Our unique and exquisitely designed engagement rings featuring our signature simulant diamonds are a more responsible choice.

They are more eco-friendly with less environmental impact. An independent study* reveals they have at least 98% less environmental cost than a mined diamond. They are conflict free as defined by the Kimberley Process, and you will enjoy a much larger more exquisite stone, with much more sparkle for your money.

They are in fact *up to 80% less than an equivalent mined diamond engagement ring, and what's not to love about that?

They are sustainably grown in clean laboratory conditions from the mineral base zirconium oxide, not carbon, and as such they are perfect in colour being D-F on the GIA Scale, Flawless to near Flawless in clarity, and cut for superlative brilliance. Their Light Dispersion rate is 0.058 vs 0.44 for a mined diamond.

They are not a synthetic diamond, and represent superior value for money, they are the crystalline version of zirconium oxide, or the highest grade, latest technology AAAAA Cubic Zirconia. They are forever, and come with a Lifetime Brilliance Guarantee and a Lifetime Loss Guarantee for your total peace of mind.

*Report by Trucost April 2017, Materials Sourcing Net Benefit Analysis.
** We define the term engagement ring as meaning a solitaire, shouldered solitaire, halo or three stone ring with a centre stone of 0.75 ecwt (equivalent carat weight) or more.

Lifetime Guarantees

For Gemstone Brilliance & Loss.


Lab-grown with minimal environmental impact.

Conflict Free

More ethical as defined by the Kimberley Process.

More Value

Enjoy a much larger, more beautiful stone for less.
Up to 80% less than an equivalent mined diamond engagement ring.


Perfect cut, colour & clarity.