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Requirements for new stores

Secrets Shhh is expanding its presence nationally in both Australia and in New Zealand, we are actively looking for suitable opportunities to lease fine jewellery boutiques in luxury shopping precincts, highly trafficked shopping centres and tourist districts.

We offer a unique approach in jewellery retailing, and genuine point of difference to the existing category. We were the first brand to specialise exclusively in sustainable lab-grown alternatives to mined diamonds. For over 21 years we have challenged the diamond industry with this unique selling proposition and carved out an exclusive niche in the industry and a loyal following.

With sustainable design at our core, we offer a refreshingly simple, minimalistic, and elegant boutique, in which we create a unique and dynamic customer experience. We design our stores with sustainable thinking at the core of the process. They are space efficient, and we do not waste unnecessary materials or energy in showcasing our beautiful jewellery.

Within Australia and New Zealand, we primarily negotiate leases directly with Landlords, however we will also consider Franchise enquires from prospective Franchisees that may have suitable premises they wish to convert, or they have access to space that may suit our concept. Secrets Shhh has a successful history in Franchising since 2000 and operates a modern franchise system. For other international markets outside of Australia and New Zealand, Corporate Franchise enquires are also welcome.

Our ideal requirements for a boutique are as follows.

1. High profile, high traffic shopping centres, strip or street locations, airports or tourist destinations will be considered. Store within store concepts is a possibility.

2. We prefer the retail precinct to have a strong national brand or international brand co-tenancy. 

3. Ideal space: 35-55 Square Metres. (350 to 600 square feet) We will consider larger spaces subject to their physical characteristics and commercial terms.

4. Our preferred store shapes are corners, semi corners, or in-line stores with a minimum frontage of 5 metres. 

5. Shallow in-line stores with a wide frontage are also of interest.

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