Our Story


When you’ve inspired the design for some of the world’s most luxurious and exclusive jewellery houses in Europe; you live and breathe the discipline of creating exquisite jewellery and hone a refined eye for world class quality.

Seeking out a way to bring that same level of stunning, luxury jewellery to anyone who chooses to wear it, became a heart felt mission.

At the turn of the century, while bathing in the natural beauty of Noosa on the East Coast of Australia, the SECRETS founders made a bold decision to turn their backs on the mined diamond industry…an industry they had known so well and had been so revered in for decades.

Drawing this new inspiration from the serenity of pristine beaches, azure blue water and making a commitment to never disturb that beauty; Noosa served as their muse, and they set about offering a sustainable alternate to mined diamonds.

This is the legacy of our Founders.

Since then, many of our team have shared that they too have turned their backs on the mined diamond industry. Our desire to do and be better, is part of our DNA as an organisation and we couldn’t be prouder of that. Our ambition is to offer the most beautiful jewellery; while reducing any harm to the Earth.

This is the SECRETS statement to the world.


Breaking the shackles of dusty old traditions and, seeking a better, more responsible alternative to luxury jewellery, we set out on an exhaustive global search to find the perfect stones – flawlessly cut, and flawless to near- flawless clarity.

When such brilliant, beautiful and more environmentally responsible stones are found, they deserve to be partnered with stunning settings and designs, meticulously crafted in solid 14 and 10 carat gold, and other precious metals. And because we know every woman’s style is unique, we offer the ability to customise individual pieces from stone shape and size, through to the colour of the gold.

The SECRETS world-class, luxury range of jewellery is for every woman who exudes style, sophistication and edge.

The SECRETS woman is a bride, wife, partner, mother, sister or friend. She knows who she is, what she believes in, and what she values at her very core. She doesn’t need to choose between her head and her heart, because her SECRETS decision delivers on both.

Our empowered SECRETS woman has a jeweller for life – somewhere to return to, to mark special moments in time; from graduation, getting engaged, celebrating a birthday, career achievement or other milestone – SECRETS is somewhere she can come back to, to find a special piece to mark a proud statement of pivotal moment in time in her life. She has no need to ask permission of anyone else; these are her moments and her rewards!

Our customer is fun and spirited; her energy and zest for life underpinned by a considered thoughtfulness that extends beyond herself. At SECRETS, heartfelt choices of precious gifts can be made for others, and other special women in our customers’ life, can be treated to luxury jewellery too. There’s no resisting that sense of euphoria and pride when she wears her SECRETS pieces.

This is her statement to the world.


When our customer wears a ring, bracelet or earrings, she has peace of mind knowing that her SECRETS choice has invested in a more ethical, conflict-free future for jewellery….and for the world.

Ethically grown in a laboratory, SECRETS sustainable diamond alternatives are virtually indistinguishable to the naked eye from the rarest white diamond, which is why the stones come with a Lifetime Guarantee for internal Fire and Brilliance.

We are committed to selecting only the highest quality 5A grade Cubic Zirconia stones, so that every piece dazzles when light dances on it. The most compelling benefit though, is that the stones aren’t mined and taken from the Earth; they are ethically and responsibly sourced and have no conflict attached to them at all (as defined by the Kimberley Process).

This allows us to offer the most responsible lab-grown stones and be recognised as the sustainable leader in our category.

Additionally, we further reduce our environmental footprint by looking at ways to conserve energy use; lower our emissions; recycle our packaging and manage our resource use. We’re not perfect just yet, but we’re committed to getting there as quickly as we can.

Looking beyond our commitment to the environment, we’re also aware of our responsibility to advance human rights by taking positive steps to reduce any form of discrimination, unfair treatment, forced labor or conflict within our circle of influence. We passionately believe in our responsibility to the generations that follow us.

This is our statement to the world.