Our Craftsmanship

Our Craftsmanship

Our fine jewellery and engagement rings are crafted by qualified and experienced Artisans who love their work. They use traditional methods, much of which is painstakingly completed by hand. Bringing one of our exquisite pieces to life, requires great skill and is a very labour intensive and detailed process.

Our jewellery is of the highest quality, made using the finest quality precious metals including solid gold and sterling silver. We also offer upgrades in our bridal collections to 18 carat gold and Platinum, historically regarded as the most luxurious of all metals.

Our metals of choice are solid 14 carat and 10 carat gold, available in white, yellow and rose. We also use solid sterling silver in our fashion collections as this metal is simply beautiful to work with. In addition, our Solus Lab-Grown Collection is available in 18 carat gold and Platinum upgrades.

In our exclusive designer collections we also combine or fuse solid 10 carat gold and sterling silver to deliver inspiring and timeless pieces. Our luxurious Synergy Collection features the combination of solid sterling silver and 10 carat gold to deliver a bold Scandinavian style designer collection with a high quality finish.

In our bold designer chain and bracelet collections we use a unique process combining solid 10 carat gold tubing, filled with sterling silver to add strength and weight for durability. This process also allows our designers to experiment and deliver modern on trend gold designs which are affordable and represent amazing value.

At Secrets Shhh, we do not use gold plated base metals in our fine jewellery collections. We also do not gold plate silver to a yellow or rose gold colour. This process does not meet our quality standards or expectations.