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Right Hand Rings


Right hand rings make a different kind of statement. Designed to be worn on the right hand (of course!) the beauty of this jewellery is that you make the rules. Whether you want to mark your independence or a special milestone (anything from the birth of  your first child to landing your dream job), a right hand ring can make a sparkling declaration

This exclusive range of rings from Secrets Shhh is filled with timeless designs that you’ll love for a lifetime - as a never-ending reminder of that moment you’re most proud of. Give a gift to someone that’s important to you or treat yourself just because you feel like it. Browse the on-trend collection and find the style that’s undeniably you.

Celebrate yourself with right hand rings

This online collection of on-trend rings is dripping with a variety of designs, so you can make a bold statement and celebrate you. With modern and traditional designs that incorporate our iconic diamond alternative, you can choose from round cut, princess cut, baguette cut and more. What’s more - our stones are created using cutting-edge technology in our Australia-based laboratory, where stunning designs come to life.

That means that, for a fraction of the price of mined diamonds, you can wear stones with maximum fire, brilliance and clarity. Opt for a single solitaire or a right hand ring with multiple dazzling stones, in an extensive selection of metals and band designs.

Deserve a little extra treat? We think so, too. Take a look at our online range of bracelets and earrings, to adorn yourself in beautiful pieces, for both everyday wear and those special occasions. 

So, whether you’re celebrating your own achievements or you know someone that deserves something special, order ever-stylish right hand rings today.