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Pear Shaped Jewellery


Liberate your look from the sea of sameness with a pear cut diamond simulant ring. The unique teardrop shape is traditionally herald as the mark of a strong woman, one who enjoys standing out from the crowd with a silhouette that captures attention. Adored celebrity role models like diamond diva Elizabeth Taylor, Victoria Beckham and Margo Robbie all flaunted pear shaped engagement rings - a testament to the link between the pear cut ring and women of character. Thanks to an elongated shape, pear rings naturally give the impression of a bigger stone which is a bonus when you are getting engaged on a budget. Meanwhile, the pear cut dazzles with a sensational sparkle - who can say no to bigger, brighter and better?

Romance is built into this beautiful gemstone shape, as the pear cut is renowned for symbolising the delicacy of a tear and strength of the brightest star. Legend has it that pear cut engagement rings bring tears of happiness to a romantic union. It’s hard to resist a pear shaped solitaire engagement ring or teardrop halo ring in a wedding ring set to celebrate your unique brand of love. Or express your self love and individual style with an elegant pear cut dress ring (because everyone needs to spoil themselves!) 

Shopping online for a ladies pear cut ring is super easy with Secrets. Our pear shaped diamond simulants rings are crafted with only the highest quality, best clarity and precisely cut stones. Set in solid 10 and 14 carat gold, it’s hard not to feel empowered and emboldened with a Secrets pear cut diamond simulant ring. Experience the full catalogue of pear cut diamond simulant jewellery and shop our pear shaped pendants and teardrop earrings.