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Cushion Cut


Diamond simulant cushion cut rings

Cushion cut diamond rings have a 200-year long history. Formerly known as an old mine cut, the modern incarnation of this historic style began to emerge in the 1920’s, heavily influenced by the research of Marcel Tolkowsky, the individual is considered to be the father of the modern round brilliant cut of diamonds that has also become internationally renowned.

Cushion cut rings are a popular choice for those looking for the perfect engagement ring. The softer aesthetics of the style can be a welcome step back from the sharper lines of modern radiant cuts. If you are looking for inspiration, know that you can find designs of all styles with Secrets.

We provide our customers with the opportunity to choose from ranges that include halo style rings, solitaire designs and princess cut rings. At Secrets, we find that many of our customers are drawn to the traditional feel of cushion cut diamond simulants. The style has the tendency to produce an ‘antique’ quality in its brilliance and fire. The cushion cut style, while typically less brilliant than round cut gemstones, possesses the ability to produce a fire that is rarer in other styles of gemstone cut.