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Stud Earrings


Feel inspired and create the look of your dreams by starting with a pair of our iconic stud earrings. The Secrets Shhh range of luxury earrings include a selection of studs that are offered in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and sterling silver. 

Our diamond simulants are grown in a laboratory, not mined from the earth, using the most advanced technology. They’re crafted to perfection and cut to the exacting standards demanded by the diamond industry, you can find round brilliant cuts, princess cuts, pear cuts and more online and in one of our jewellery stores.

Complete your work outfit with a pair of our halo stud earrings and matching pendant or add some extra sparkle to your weekend style with an earring enhancer . There’s never an occasion you can’t attend with either 4 claw or 6 claw gold earrings. 

Stud earrings make the best gift for birthdays, graduations, christmas and special occasions.  The incredible brilliance of our stones means they’ll radiate from ear to ear for years to come. You should consider stud earrings for your bridal jewellery, or as a wedding anniversary gift idea- as they’re the most timeless piece of jewellery you could own