The Do's, Don'ts and Absolute Must's for Push Presents

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Welcoming a newborn into the world is a gift that is so precious and a journey not everyone is lucky enough to take. In recent years, welcoming a newborn into the world is shortly followed by a “push present” whereby traditionally, the mother-to-be is given a gift by their significant other as appreciation for the journey they have gone through and the beautiful baby she has delivered.
We’ve gone ahead and found out the do’s and don’ts of push presents, so you don’t have to.
  • Take the time to look for something that perfectly represents your partner and journey. This gift represents an emotional aspect of your lives so reflect on your pregnancy, their personality, their hopes and dreams.
  • Make sure you pick a time when it’s just the two of you. Enjoy the intimacy and the special bond that’s just been formed between the both of you
  • Enjoy the new tradition you’ve created for your family. Who knows, in 5 years you might have a few more versions of this gift.
  • Don’t give your present while she’s still in the delivery room. There will be a million other things running through your minds, and your priority is your new baby!
  • For the receiver, don’t compare gifts. Push presents are still relatively new to society, and others may not appreciate you bragging about your new gift.
  • Don’t organise a holiday (a new baby and travel? No thanks!), Lingerie (She might not be feeling her sexiest after giving birth) or something that is really for yourself (A new mower? Not so thoughtful for your partner or your sleeping baby…)
  • Make it meaningful, don’t blow your budget for the sake of purchasing a big ticketed item.
  • Ensure that when you do hand your gift over, your partner is aware that this gift is more than just a push But a gift to show your appreciation, love, care for the journey you have just gone through.
  • Last but certainly not least, enjoy your gorgeous new baby!


Need a little more help choosing the perfect push present? Here are our top 5 gift ideas:

These are a perfect way to show your love and gives your partner a piece they can easily style and love. If this becomes a new family tradition, celebration rings are small enough to fit a whole tribe on your finger!

Our celebration rings come in yellow, white and rose gold with our Signature Secrets Diamond Simulants in a variety of stone cuts. Shop the range here.

 Three stone rings not only represent your past, present and future but it shows your commitment to each other with your new family.

We offer a variety of three stone options here.

It’s no secret your first few years of parenthood will be filled with late nights, long days and a constant mess everywhere. Tennis bracelets are the perfect gift idea that requires little to no effort, it also adds a touch of luxury to every outfit.

Our tennis bracelets are crafted in 10 and 14 carat solid gold, so not only will they look amazing, but the quality will withstand any baby mess! Discover our range now

 Sometimes, your partner will just need a pick-me-up big enough to remind herself of her beauty, strength and resilience. At those times, she will need a bolder statement- something like a dress ring so she can release her inner Beyoncé and take the day by storm. 

We offer a variety of styles, shapes and colours in our dress ring collection to cater for every occasion and mood. Find your next favourite here.

Although a push present isn’t essential, showing your partner how much you care can be shown even in the smallest of acts. You will never go wrong with helping out with the washing, cooking dinners or even a simple hug. A little goes a long way.