Understanding Your Jewellery: The 4 C's

Understanding Your Jewellery: The 4 C's

You know the saying, ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’? Well, we know first-hand how easy it is to fall into the glitz and glamour of jewellery without doing your research before purchasing. Which is why we believe at Secrets that education is key!

In case you’ve forgotten or want to win your next trivia night- here’s a little refresher on the 4 factors you need to be considering before purchasing a diamond.


Clarity is determined by the levels of imperfection in a stone. When looking at the clarity, you should steer clear of any internal marks (inclusions) or irregularities (blemishes) you may find. A diamond can be described as ‘flawless’ only if it has no visible imperfections when viewed under 10X magnification by a skilled diamond grader.

Our Secrets diamond simulants grade internally flawless to VVS2 clarity, with no visible blemishes under 10X magnification due to our advanced technology. The state-of-the-art techniques ensures maximum brilliance.


How a stone is cut, largely impacts the stone’s fire, brilliance and scintillation. Light refraction is crucial for any stone to sparkle.

For maximum brightness, a Secrets diamond simulant is cut to the highest industry standards. Using our advanced technology, we’re able to use the exact mathematical formula for traditional diamonds to optimise our own beauty and brilliance. 


The colour of any stone is graded on the GIA scale- rating alphabetically from D to Z. This scale helps distinguish an individual stone’s value and quality. The finest diamonds in the world are graded, D-F and are known as ‘colourless’.

Our Secrets stones are whiter and brighter than most mined diamonds, with a grading of D-F. Due to the superior quality of our materials, it’s extremely difficult to differentiate a Secrets diamond simulant to a mined diamond with the naked eye.

Carat (weight):

Mined diamonds are measured by weight rather than size and expressed in ‘carats’. The specific weight of a Secrets diamond simulant is heavier than a mined diamond so we measure our stones in millimetres and cross reference that to a diamond equivalent carat size.

 For example, a 6.5mm diameter simulated diamond is equivalent to a 1 carat diamond.

 Unlike mined diamonds, Secrets gives you the freedom to choose a size up to 10 carats or more in equivalent weight that are all cut to the same geometry, proportions and shape. Our pieces aren’t plated, but celebrated in 10 and 14 carat gold mounts.

A Better Beautiful:

Secrets is the Home of the Diamond Alternative and founded on a core belief that luxury should be accessible to everyone.  We offer you the freedom to choose a stone that is more beautiful, more responsible, one we believe is better for the environment and better for your conscience.

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