Travel safe with Secrets

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Whether it’s the tyranny of distance, or our ANZAC spirit for adventure, Australians have a reputation for being seasoned travellers. Not only are we travelling around the globe, we’re now taking to the high seas in great numbers. Australians are the world’s biggest cruisers, with more than one in 20 people in our population walking the gangplank in 2016.

The dress code aboard is almost always elegant casual after 6pm, and just as inevitable as the rolling waves is the opening of jewellery roll out boxes. But you’re unlikely to find many genuine “sparklers” at the captain’s table. Rather than risking theft or loss – and paying exorbitant insurance premiums – the diamond jewellery is remaining at home, most likely under lock and key.

Secrets co-founder Jane says women are increasingly turning to Secrets for their travel jewellery as they can still show off the same luxe looks without feeling vulnerable to theft or loss.

“Women love to travel worry-free but still have beautiful quality gold jewellery designs, which make them feel the same as wearing their diamond jewellery,” Jane says.

“They don’t want to wear jewellery that doesn’t make them feel special.”

Jane says the trend among “cruisers” is to choose bigger stones, or the bigger designs, as it makes them feel more glamorous.

“I’m not just talking about engagement rings for travel; women travellers choose statement earrings and luxurious tennis bracelets for the same reasons,” Jane says.

Owner of Secrets Chermside (Brisbane) Jen says for holidaymakers, it’s all about feeling feminine while travelling without the risk.

“Women can wear their Secrets jewellery the entire time, even while swimming at the resort pool or at the beach,” Jen says.

Safety and not having to pay hefty insurance premiums are key considerations when choosing to travel with Secrets jewellery.

“I have heard of stories of women taking their diamond jewellery to the beach because they were too worried to leave it in their hotel room or even in the safe,” Jane says.

Secrets Sydney store manager Tracy says women often use the pretext of buying travel jewellery to upgrade or update their look without upsetting their husbands.

“Often they don’t go back to wearing their original jewellery, they prefer ours and add to their Secrets collection,” Tracy says.

“The price-point and quality are a big advantage.”

Sisters are not just doing it for themselves, men are hip to the trend too. Tracy cites the example of a young man who was amazed to discover Secrets had a better-looking version of a white gold emerald cut halo engagement ring, which he paid $80,000 for.

 “When I told the young man about the quality of our Secrets diamond simulants, he was pretty upset he’d paid so much,” Tracy says.

“I asked him to bring the [$80,000] ring in so we could compare. He was really shocked to see his diamond was really yellow whereas the Secrets stone was visibly whiter and brighter.

“He bought two bands that day and returned a couple of months later to buy our ring because it cost him $5,400 to insure his wife’s diamond engagement ring every time they went away.”

Expanding on the travel jewellery theme, Jen says in the 13 years she’s owned Secrets Chermside, she’s seen an increase in the number of customers handing over their family heirloom jewellery to their kids during the parents’ lifetime and replacing the sentimental pieces with Secrets jewellery.

She’s also seen a marked increase in the purchase of “liberation rings”.

“Women who are separated or divorced, but accustomed to wearing a bridal set, are buying a liberation ring for their ring finger so they don’t feel quite so naked,” she said.