The History of the Cushion Cut

The History of the Cushion Cut

The History of the Cushion Cut

The next diamond shape we will be looking at is an engagement ring staple and the biggest trend at the moment- the cushion cut. Resembling the soft outline of a pillow, the cushion cut makes any ring a dream to wear and an iconic piece to have for your wedding day.  

The Appearance:

  • Resembling the shape of a cushion with it’s square look and soft edges, the cushion cut is also known as the ‘pillow cut’ or ‘candlelight diamond’
  • The cut includes 61 facets which forms a high crown (top), deep pavilion (bottom) and a large cutlet.

A Brief History:

  • The creation of the cushion cut began in the 19th century and was referred to as ‘the old mines cut’ The name comes from the Brazilian mines the diamonds were found in.
  • With the little technology that was available at the time, it was common for diamonds to be cut out of efficiency rather than design. Jewellers were wanting to save time and money, and ‘the cushion cut’ was the easiest way to do so.
  • Similar to other older style cuts, its popularity has risen and fallen over time. However, entering into the 2000’s, it’s helped celebrate relationships for generations, most famously seen on Meghan Markle.


At Secrets, capturing the cushion cut’s soft and elegant look is easy with our eco-friendly stones that have been grown in a laboratory and cut by our advanced technology to the same exacting standards as the diamond. Our stones are whiter, brighter and near flawless in colour, graded D-F on the GIA Scale. Our diamond simulants are guaranteed a lifetime of fire and brilliance.

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