The History of The Asscher Cut

The History of The Asscher Cut

 The History of The Asscher Cut


We’re continuing our history series with the beautiful Asscher cut stone. While wearing this cut, you’re connected to a long line of diamond royalty and resilience- who wouldn’t want a piece of that!  

The Appearance:

  • It consists of 57-67 facets
  • It has large step cut facets, with a rounded base- creating a look in between the emerald cut and round brilliant cut.
  • The stone consists of a high crown (top of the stone) and deep pavilion (bottom of the stone), imitating the art deco style that was circulating during early 20th

A Brief History:

  • The cut was first invented in 1902, when Joseph and Abraham Asscher wanted to make better use of rough diamonds, with less waste.
  • During World War Two, the Asscher family almost lost everything they had created, including their iconic ‘Royal Asscher Diamond Company’ to the Nazis.
  • Finally in 1980, thanks to the help of some younger Asscher family members, the Royal Asscher Diamond Company was back on it’s feet and granted a royal title status by Queen Juliana of the Neverlands.


Despite the major trauma this family company and diamond design experienced, the Asscher cut is a true symbol of innovation, royalty and strength.

At Secrets, keeping this original strength and cut is easy with our eco-friendly stones that have been grown in a laboratory and cut by our advanced technology. Made from minerals, our diamond simulants are conflict free- that’s a luxury the earth can afford.

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