The art of self-gifting

The art of self-gifting

The art of self-gifting

What if I told you self-gifting was okay? That: “You’re worth it”; that you don’t need “permission”; and that, in fact, it’s a guilt-free act of self-love?

“Fabulous!” you say, while reflexively reaching for your handbag or wallet. In your shopping fantasy, you’ve already made that dream purchase. And, boy, did it feel good!

There is an art to self-gifting and it requires putting yourself (and your needs and wants) first. It’s as easy and hard as that.

Often we’re so busy tending to other people’s needs (children, romantic partner, boss, colleagues, friends) that we forget to nurture ourselves. We don’t stop and ask, “what would make my heart sing?”.  

Perhaps for you it’s fresh flowers; a massage; theatre tickets; or an open round-the-world airline ticket. The possibilities are many…

Brisbanite, Marissa, says she recently purchased a three-stone ring as a promise to herself. Representing her yesterday, today and tomorrow, it has special meaning to her.

“It just reminds me that I can stand on my own two feet, and that I can always rely on myself.”

Melbournian, Sarah, says her spontaneous gifts-to-self usually arise while window shopping and falling in love with something that catches her eye. She warns shopping in a “girl pack” can be “dangerously fun”.

“My friends talk me in to spending money on myself, usually from my favourite shop or designer – and then they end up buying something that they really like too!”

Sydney-sider, Emma, says she gifts herself as a reward for achieving something – completing an assignment, cleaning the house, accomplishing goals.

“No-one knows you like you do! And you know just how much you’ll love something, so you will always choose the perfect gift. You can’t go wrong – show yourself some love!”.

Whatever your budget, Secrets has some sweet rewards in store for you. Here are our top five jewellery must-haves for celebrating life’s milestones and “because I’m worth it” moments.

  1. The wardrobe staple

Secrets classic diamond simulant studs are every woman’s ‘go to’ fashion staple. If you don’t already own a pair, treat yourself today. They add a touch of class to any outfit and are the ultimate day-to-night earrings – they look great anytime, anywhere.

  1. The go-with-everything necklace

Our fine bezel set round brilliant pendant is a must-have, which you’ll find yourself wearing all the time. Timelessly elegant and subtly chic, it can be dressed up or down. Wear it on its own or layer it with other Secrets necklaces for a fun fashion look. Eminently affordable, its price-point is our gift to you!

  1. The make a statement ring

Our new (four-row) Celeste dress ring is the ultimate “because I’m worth it” purchase. She shines bright with a total 3.85-carat of sparkle created by her galaxy of tiny diamond simulant ‘stars’, which amplifies the light bouncing off each luminous stone. Be the star you are and shine bright wearing the biggest, boldest ring in the Celeste collection.