Surprises are the best gift of all

Secrets Shhh

Let’s get real, Valentine’s Day can be a battlefield. Do you eschew the day as a Hallmark construct, or buy in to the myth and give a gift?

The correct answer is – surprise her!

If you wish to capture her heart forever, be tactical and heed the ancient wisdom of Chinese general, military strategist and Taoist philosopher Sun Tzu:

“Those who are skilled in producing surprises will win” – Art of War.

First, do your reconnaissance: understand her needs, wants and desires. Such “intelligence” is vital to executing a successful Valentine’s Day campaign.

Secret #1: Surprise her!

Big or small, costly or gratis, you’ll win major brownie points just for being thoughtful.

Leave post-it notes with romantic messages in random places around the house for her to discover, spread a picnic rug at the spot where you shared your first kiss or whisk her off to Paris, the City of Love, for a romantic couple’s getaway.

Secret #2: Be an open book

Take inspiration from all-time romantic movie, The Notebook, and pen a handwritten love letter.  It’s easier to write from the heart with pen and paper than typing on a keyboard. Express your love in raw, unedited prose. As the great English Romantic poet William Wordsworth said: “Fill your paper with breathings from your heart”. 

Secret #3: Keep secrets

Sometimes it’s healthy to keep secrets in a romantic relationship. It creates an air of mystery that both partners can find alluring. Providing they’re benign, secrets can help sustain interest in each other. After all, do you want to know everything about your partner?

Secret #4: Share Secrets!

Sounds contrary to point #3 above? Well, we are being literal. Casually leave a copy of Secrets Valentine’s Day 2019 catalogue somewhere she will pick it up and browse… and hopefully earmark, or better still, tell you what she likes. Download catalogue here.

Secret #5: Shhh! is the word

As you can tell, we love romantic surprises. Secrets has some very exciting news to share in the next few days… stay tuned to our social media channels: Facebook + Instagram (@secretsshhh) for the big reveal.