Our Staff Picks for Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day this year we wanted to do things a little different!

At Secrets, we have an amazing team of individuals who have helped us grow from strength to strength during our celebrated 21 years in business. So this year we decided to let them pick their favourite piece of Secrets jewellery that they would get for their Mum on their special day.


Sue is our marketing maestro who has been a part of the Secrets family for over 5 years now. With over 21 years in the Jewellery industry, Sue brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the business. Being a Mum herself to 3 children, Sue certainly knows what she’s talking about when it comes to buying a gift for your Mum!

"I think one of the most impressive pieces that we’ve conceptualised and brought to market is the Celeste halo drop lariat in 10ct white gold and as a mother, I would be over the moon to receive a Mother’s Day gift like this! The tasteful detail and pure elegance that this diamond alternative necklace exhibits are like nothing I’ve seen in my years in the jewellery industry. The halo necklace features 50 diamond simulants all of which are pave set in 10ct white gold.

This might not be your everyday jewellery necklace, but if your Mum works in a corporate setting or enjoys her evening dress-up for social occasions, then trust me when I say that this will be the diamond simulant necklace that she chooses to wear each and every time."


Natasha is our graphic design guru that’s responsible for curating the stunning visuals of our online diamond alternative product range. With a passion for all things fashion and being a self-proclaimed minimalist, Natasha brings a millennial’s approach to selecting the perfect diamond alternative jewellery for your Mum.

"I’m a big fan of minimalist jewellery design – nothing too flashy or flamboyant but rather a piece that speaks volumes with its raw simplicity. My Mum is exactly the same which is why for Mother’s Day I would gift her one of Secrets simply stunning pendants.

My first choice would be the heart shaped pendant in sterling silver with 10ct rose gold which I think looks absolutely gorgeous but importantly, minimalist! The pendant itself has four diamond alternative hearts and I just love the rose gold band that wraps around each of the four stones as to me it symbolises the embracing and everlasting love I have for my Mum.

My second choice would be the oval solitaire pendant in yellow gold which again is simple yet glows radiantly with its 2ct equivalent stone. This simulated diamond pendant range also comes in 10ct white and rose gold varieties to suit your Mum’s style.

With both being priced under $200, it’s a Mother’s Day gift that isn’t going to break the bank and will surely make any Mum feel exceptionally special."


Adrian has been the head of product at Secrets for nearly 2 years now, so you can thank him for all the incredible necklace, earrings, ring, bracelet and pendant creations that we currently offer. Adrian’s 17+ years in the jewellery industry has given him the ability to design the most elaborate and breathtaking diamond alternative jewellery pieces in the jewellery space. Adrian is redefining the simulated diamond, purely driven by his exceptional design capabilities. With that in mind, let’s see what the expert himself suggests as a great Mother’s Day gift. 

"This year I have been really captivated with bracelets and looking ahead I feel they are going to be a fashionable ongoing trend. A lady’s bracelet has always been an iconic jewellery piece as it can be worn in both formal and casual settings yet still deliver its magnificence in an unassuming way. Our range of diamond alternative bracelets for women have been designed with this concept in mind which is why we have three categories of bracelets at Secrets to choose from – tennis bracelets, slider bracelets and bangles.

For a Mother’s Day gift, I would definitely opt for a diamond simulant tennis bracelet, especially if your Mum is the type who is on the go with work, social engagements and keeping active. It’s the perfect jewellery piece that is sturdy and secure due to its precision-designed safety clasp whilst radiating its discreet splendour.

Currently, my Favourite piece is the fine round brilliant tennis bracelet in white gold which is a superb diamond simulant tennis bracelet featuring 4 carat total equivalent stones. Each stone is round brilliant cut and claw set into the 10ct white gold bracelet creating a stunning piece of jewellery for your Mum to enjoy for a lifetime."


Phil is a self-confessed tech-geek which is why he heads up our eCommerce and digital department at Secrets. Phil’s focus is ensuring our online business is optimised and running speedily but has taken the time to let us in on what his pick would be for a Mother’s Day present.

"If your Mum is a little bit quirky like mine, then I would definitely suggest getting her earrings as I feel they add personality to the appearance of an individual.

My pick would be the sterling silver star drop earrings which are really classy but also exhibit a lot of character! These Exquisite round brilliant cut diamond simulant earrings are embedded in a sterling silver star design with intricate chains playfully dangling creating a fun and appealing piece of diamond alternative jewellery.

There’s a total of 8 brilliant round cut diamond alternatives in these drop earrings which are all claw set in sterling silver. I know my Mum will love hers, I hope yours does too! "

Mother’s Day is a special time to acknowledge and appreciate how important your Mum is, which is why this Mother’s Day we want to do away with the cliché of gifting flowers or chocolates as they are so short lived and certainly not memorable.

Instead, why not gift your Mum a sustainable lab-grown diamond alternative piece of jewellery this Mother’s Day.
It’s the thought that counts and a gift like this creates a lifetime of memories.