Secrets to choosing the best gold colour for your skin tone

Secrets to choosing the best gold colour for your skin tone
Have you ever tried on a lipstick that looks great on your girl friend but looks completely (and unflatteringly) different on you?


Well, it all comes down to skin tone, and just as we do a colour match for our makeup, you really should do the same when it comes to choosing which gold colour to wear against your skin.

Mixing metals: white, yellow and rose gold (and even sterling silver) is en vogue right now, but is this fashion trend right for every woman?

If you’re blessed with honey, warm-coloured skin tones, you really can wear any metal colour beautifully.

But even if you’re not fortunate to have this colouring, you still can find a gold colour to perfectly complement your skin tone. 

The reality is, most of you will fall somewhere between warm and cool skin tones, so our guide (below) is a suggestion only.

Fair skin 

White gold and sterling silver looks fresh on really pale skin, but if your skin has pinkish undertones, steer clear of rose gold as it could make you look red faced. Yellow gold can really lift a pale complexion if you have pale undertones.

Arabic, fair African and dark African skin

Yellow gold will look particularly striking on you, but really you can carry off any gold colour. Just bear in mind that sterling silver can get a bit lost on darker skin tones.

South-East Asian skin

Yellow gold looks superb on you, however rose gold can also bring out a softness to your skin tone.

So, what about hair and eye colour? Do they impact your metal choice?


Blondes really do have more fun! With you, anything goes: yellow, white and rose gold and even sterling silver.


You foxy ladies attract attention from your hair colour alone, but if you want to cool down your fiery looks, consider white gold or sterling silver.


Yellow gold will never fail light and blondish brunettes, but if your hair is more dark chocolate or black, you’ll look stunning in white gold and sterling silver.

An eye for colour

Eye colour informs which gemstone colour (more so than gold) that best suits you.

If you have pale eyes, blue or green stone colours, such as teal or aquamarine, are a great match; whereas pink tourmaline and darker stone colours, such as emerald, ceylon and tanzanite, look alluring with hazel or brown eyes.

Our final secret to styling

The beauty of Secrets fine jewellery collection is each luxe design is available in three colourways: white, yellow and rose gold.

With more than a thousand exquisite 10-carat and 14-carat gold jewellery designs to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find your own Secrets style.

We’re giving you permission to play, so come and visit us in store. Mix, match, be bold, be you!