Push it real good

Push it real good

Love it or hate it, the expression: “push present” has entered the mainstream vernacular thanks to celebrity endorsement. Just think, Travis Scott gave Kylie Jenner a brand new Ferrari and Jay Z gifted Beyonce a blue tanzanite sparkler – and for what? Pushing out a baby (or possibly delivering by C-section).

Some would argue the miracle of new life is gift enough (and an Italian sports car or a whopping 10-carat precious gemstone is downright ostentatious), but when push comes to shove on this vexed custom, modern dads are increasingly delivering – and with good reason.

Why shouldn’t we new mums be rewarded for enduring morning sickness, hormonal mood swings, baby brain, swollen ankles and stretch marks? And after nine months of general pregnancy malaise, a (likely) excruciating labour.

A gift of appreciation can help assuage the doubts of a first-time mum; be a tonic to a woman exhausted by night feeds; or a pep if she’s not showered or left the house in days. Remember guys, she’s the 24-hour life support to your newborn. A gift exclusively for her is something she can feel good about, especially some luxe jewellery imbued with symbolic meaning.

Secrets shares its top six push present picks.

  1. Boy, oh boy, anything from our (simulated) tanzanite range is a lovely way to celebrate the arrival of your son. We particularly love this 10-carat white gold cushion cut simulated tanzanite dress ring. Blue symbolises trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith and heaven – and each may be called upon when raising a boy!
  2. Sugar and spice and all things nice… pink is the ultimate feminine colour to embrace your daughter’s entrée to the world. This soft colour is associated with sweetness, tenderness, babies and little girls. Our simulated pink diamond collection offers much choice but our fave is this 10-carat rose gold cushion cut radiant simulated pink diamond with marquise cut white stones.
  3. The huggies you really want… no, we’re not talking about a nappy brand, we’re talking petite 10-carat gold and diamond simulant hoop earrings that hug your earlobes and look almost as adorable as your newborn.
  4. Worn close to the heart, our 10-carat gold mother and child pendant symbolises the symbiotic relationship between you two that’s never broken.
  5. If you have ‘double trouble’ on your hands, why not show it off this with a double row tennis bracelet? We specially love this 10-carat gold double tennis bracelet with princess cut stones.
  6. Family planning – if you have (or are going to have) more than one child, consider stacking a ring for each child on one finger. We think a thin band all-rounder, which symbolises an infinite love, for each child in different metal colours – 14-carat yellow, white or rose gold – looks pretty special.