Last minute NYE proposal ideas

Last minute NYE proposal ideas

Last minute NYE proposal ideas

Romantic location? Check. Champagne? Check. Ring? Ummm, not yet… While the countdown to New Year’s Eve is on, it’s not too late to spring a surprise proposal when the clock strikes midnight.

You’ve already chosen “the one”; so the second hardest decision of your life will be choosing which ring (and believe me, you want to get this right!). Luckily Secrets has hundreds of engagement ring styles to choose from. What’s more, each stunning design in our extensive collection is available in yellow, white or rose solid gold.

Knowing her gold colour and stone cut preference will certainly help you make a great choice. But if you’re flummoxed by the whole process (and this is a common reaction), our friendly and expert staff are here to help guide you to make the second best decision of your life.

Still stuck for inspiration? Be ahead of the fashion pack and give her one of our new release designs (pictured above). We equally love the pear and round cut double halo (very en vogue) and the uber-stylish oval and round cut double halo. We think the double halo effect looks lavishly luxurious. It’s a very apt choice for the glamorous woman who isn’t shy about being noticed. Double the bling by adding our Juliet curved wedding band, which perfectly matches both double halo designs.

A neverfail option, of course, is the classic solitaire. Perennially popular and always in fashion, the solitaire symbolically says, “You’re the only one for me”. For a decadent twist on a classic, we recommend our new round brilliant cut, 4-claw solitaire. The side detail is simply stunning. The basket setting positively sparkles with 24 grain set round brilliants.

Need re-sizing in a hurry? Fortunately, most Secrets engagement ring designs can be altered up or down one or two sizes by our master jewellers.

So, you’ve found a Secrets engagement ring you like the look of, but you’re not 100% convinced about diamond simulants?

Here are our most compelling reasons to choose a high-grade Secrets diamond simulant over a mined diamond.

  1. Our diamond simulants are even visibly whiter and brighter because they mimic the qualities a D to E colour diamond. Diamond colour is universally graded alphabetically from D to Z, with D being the absolute finest colourless stone rating in the world. Most commercial mined diamonds are generally a H or I colour (or less), so, you can see our diamond simulants are equivalent in appearance to the rarest white diamonds unearthed.


  1. Secrets diamond simulants even sparkle like the world’s finest cut diamonds you see displayed in the windows of high-end, luxury jewellers. This is because our stones are cut to the same exact proportions and standards demanded by the diamond industry for maximum brilliance, fire and scintillation.


  1. There’s no mineral harder than a diamond, which gets a top score of 10 on the industry standard Mohs scale. With a hardness of 8.5, Secrets diamond simulants are a close rival to a mined diamond in terms of durability. We believe passionately in the quality of our stones and we want you to too. Our lifetime guarantee on Secrets stones is our promise to you.


  1. Ultimately the decision to buy a Secrets diamond simulant is a very personal one. We believe, however, that we’re the socially responsible alternative because we’re ethically sound and kinder to the environment – and as far as price goes, financially we just make sense.

Now you have your Secrets ring, you’re all set to follow through on the best decision of your life. Here are some last-minute tips for a NYE proposal. As the 10-seconds to midnight count down, tell her how much you love her and want to spend the next year and all your years together. Ask her to marry you, and seal her “YES!” as your first kiss of the New Year. Alternatively, tell her you’d like to share your New Year’s resolutions – it could be spoken or written. Inject some personality and in-jokes if you like, but keep the focus on her. Make your final resolution to, “Spend the rest of my life with you…”. Happy days!