Can I wear my engagement ring on my wedding day?

Can I wear my engagement ring on my wedding day?

When it comes to your big day, we’re sure the last thing you want to be doing is quickly removing your engagement ring from your left hand before your partner puts on your wedding ring. Although it won’t ruin the ceremony, it’s certainly a hiccup you can avoid!

We’re asked constantly what is the correct etiquette when it comes to wearing your engagement ring on your wedding day. Can I still wear my engagement ring? What hand do I wear it on? Do I leave it off for the whole day? At the end of the day it does come down to your personal preference, however we’ll go through your options as to what you can do!

The short answer is, yes! You can definitely wear your engagement ring on the day, it’s common for brides to wear it on their right hand.

Did you know there’s a special meaning behind why the wedding band is worn first, then the engagement? Traditionally, this happens so that your wedding band is closest to your heart, and remains where your partner first placed the ring- how sweet!


What if my engagement ring doesn’t fit on the other hand?

That’s okay! We still have plenty of options. This is where the beauty of Maid of Honors come in handy, and even just close family and friends. If your ring doesn’t fit on the other hand (which is completely normal since no one has symmetrical hands), then we recommend entrusting your maid of honor or someone close to you to look after the ring.


Before saying “I Do”

Make sure you take your engagement ring in for a clean. It’s the smaller details like this which can make the difference between a little shine, and a whole lot of sparkle not only on the day, but also in photos and videos from your ceremony/reception.

A Secrets Shhh stone has a lifetime guarantee for fire and brilliance, on top of this, our boutique stores offer free jewellery cleaning so there’s no reason not to let Secrets Shhh take care of your shine. If you’re unable to visit one of them, our online store also offers a range of cleaning products so you can also take care of your jewellery at home.


Haven’t picked out a wedding band yet?

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