Big is beautiful

Secrets Shhh



Size matters, and I challenge anyone who refutes this indisputable truth. I’m talking jewellery of course, and that all-important centre stone, which attracts many an envious glance.

At Secrets, the idea that ‘big is beautiful’ is part of our design DNA. We not only celebrate, but elevate to epic proportions, the size of our stones. It’s something we do to brilliant effect, you could even say it’s the Secrets advantage. We believe the centre stone is critical to iconic jewellery design and Secrets has a breathtaking selection of incredibly beautiful stones to choose from, which are cut to perfection.

Perhaps you’re a diamond purist who wouldn’t settle for anything less than a real diamond solitaire engagement ring. We get that. But so you can ‘compare apples with apples’, here’s an overview of how a natural diamond differs to a lab-grown Secrets diamond simulant.

The value of a cut diamond is determined by weight, which is expressed as carats. The diamond industry typically cuts natural diamonds to maximise the weight of the stone (its carat value), but this bias can mean the quality of the cut is sometimes sacrificed.

At Secrets we place greater emphasis on achieving a perfectly cut stone, and because we’re working with a lab-grown diamond simulant rough, which is always going to be bigger than any mined diamond, we have more freedom to fashion bigger whole cut stones.

By contrast, many ring and jewellery designs from mainstream diamond jewellers feature composite tops of small diamond chips to recreate the look of a large centre stone. They are merely a montage of small chips, an optical illusion.

Why settle for small diamond chips made to look like a large centre stone when you can have a Secrets diamond simulant, which to the naked eye looks just like the most perfectly proportioned and expertly cut rare white diamond in the world?

When we talk about our stones, we use the term ‘carat equivalent’ because our ‘currency’ (if you like) is based on a surface measurement rather than weight. We measure our stones in millimetres and cross-reference it to a diamond carat size. For example, a 6.5mm Secrets diamond simulant is ‘equivalent’ to a one-carat diamond. This is because our stones are actually heavier than a mined diamond.

Secrets diamond simulants are graded for colour in the same way as natural diamonds. On the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) our diamond simulants are D/E/F colour, which is comparable to the rarest white diamonds unearthed.

They’re visibly whiter and brighter (to the naked eye) than the average diamond mounted in a solitaire engagement ring from your typical mid-market jeweller, which would generally be a H or I colour (or less).  

And because our stones are also internally flawless to VS1, and because they’re cut to the highest standards demanded by the diamond industry for maximum brilliance, fire and scintillation, they will sparkle – a lot! Our larger round brilliants are cut to display full hearts and arrows, which is a hallmark of superior cutting in the diamond industry.  

So, we believe our diamond simulants have the desired optical characteristics of a mined diamond – refraction, dispersion and hardness – without the high price tag of synthetic and mined diamonds.

And because our stones are grown not mined, we offer an eco-friendly, conflict-free diamond alternative, that is guaranteed for a lifetime of fire and brilliance, which simply does not cost the Earth.

Secrets offers you what many mainstream jewellers can’t. By combining our large centre stones with beautiful settings in solid 10-carat and 14-carat gold, and high-quality sterling silver mounts, we’re inviting you into a world of exquisitely designed premium jewellery.

We invite you to not only embrace our belief that 'Big is Beautiful', but to own it, wear it, and positively flaunt it because you deserve better colour, better cut, better clarity, better (carat equivalent) size and quite simply, a better beautiful. 

Secrets Shhh: A Better Beautiful.