5 tips for choosing your wedding set!

5 tips for choosing your wedding set!

While some of us may have been accumulating inspiration, images and our favourite ring sets for years, for others, the thought of shopping for your bridal set has only come up recently. Wherever you stand, there are some factors you should definitely consider before saying “I do” to your forever rings.

What is a Wedding Ring Set?

Before we get into the nitty gritty, you should understand what is considered as a wedding set or also known as a bridal set. This includes an engagement ring, wedding band and an eternity band. We understand your journey together may only be just starting out, so you most likely won’t be looking at any eternity or anniversary bands just yet.

What is the correct way to wear a Wedding Ring set?

The correct positioning of your rings that is recommended by the jewellery industry is wedding band first, then your engagement ring, and your eternity ring to follow. However, whether you wear it in this order or not, is completely up to you- there’s so much fun in styling your rings!

5 Tips for choosing your Wedding Ring Set

  1. Our first suggestion would be to stick with similar stone cuts. That way whether you experiment with different ring styles, or gold colours, your stones will match looking effortlessly elegant. Keeping your stone cuts the same, also means that your engagement ring band, and your wedding band will fit together better. On trend right now are Round Brilliant cut stones, Pear cut stones and Cushion cut 
  1. If you have a shouldered solitaire or ­­halo engagement ring, make sure side stones match up to where they end on your wedding band. Otherwise you may find yourself with a mismatched looking set. Want to know your options? There are so many different types of rings to find in our engagement ring collection.
  1. Look out for the height of your engagement ring. Some rings will have a lower setting than others, which means your wedding band won’t fit underneath correctly. If you do come across this, we recommend wearing a curved band, or a cut-out band that fits around your ring nicely.
  1. You want to make sure that you have an abundance of choice when it comes to selecting your matching wedding band and future anniversary bands and eternity bands. The last thing you want is to choose an engagement ring, and there are no bands available in your gold colour, or matching your design. Purchasing your set from Secrets Shhh guarantees you have the freedom to pick any design in either yellow, white or rose
  1. A little overwhelmed? That’s okay! We’ve curated a collection of our finest engagement rings and paired them with our luxury wedding bands, offering a complete wedding set ready for you to purchase. Let’s find your favourite wedding set now!

Because traditions around shopping for your engagement ring and wedding band have changed so much over the years, we have all types of customers coming into our boutique stores and reaching out online for shopping advice. One of the incredible benefits of shopping for your engagement ring and wedding band at Secrets Shhh, is you can have exactly what you’ve been searching for, at price that doesn’t cost the earth. 

Our diamond simulants are created in a lab and cut to the same exacting proportions demanded by the diamond industry, so you will find every cut and shape offered in our range. Crafting quality, luxury pieces is at the core of what we do, so our mounts are made using the highest quality 14ct and 10ct solid gold.

If you’d like to learn more about our unique diamond simulants, or styling advice we’re here to help.