5 Reasons to Gift Jewellery this Christmas

5 Reasons to Gift Jewellery this Christmas
Christmas is a beautiful time of year, it's filled with family and friends and the perfect time to show just how much you care for those special people in your life. 
What also comes during this time is the stress of gift-giving! To make it that little bit easier for you this year, we've given you five reasons why jewellery makes the perfect gift to give this festive season. 

Unlike other presents, jewellery can last a lifetime- especially when cared for properly. Socks wear out, outfits fade, and technology can become outdated but when gifting jewellery, that will always be been worn and admired. Our pieces are crafted in 10ct and 14ct solid gold with stones that will last a lifetime for fire and brilliance.


Jewellery can be very sentimental whether it’s worth $10 or $1000. It’s the perfect gift to celebrate a special moment in time, or special relationship you have with someone. During a time like Christmas when you’re reflecting on your year and the people around you, gifting jewellery is best choice. Our prices range from gifts under $200 to gifts over $1000- whichever bracket you’re looking at, there’s something beautiful for everyone.


It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 or 50, receiving jewellery is very special and can cater to all ages. For younger children, we recommend studs and small pendants. For young adults we suggest thin bands, dress rings or studs. For the more mature ages, we recommend tennis bracelets, dress rings and pendants! You can browse our whole collection of jewellery here. 


When it comes to jewellery, there is something for everyone. There are countless stone shapes, colours, metal bands and styles available. If ever you’re unsure on what piece to pick, try thinking about the style of outfits they wear, the colours they like, or their face shape- each of those factors will help pick the most flattering piece. At Secrets we offer jewellery in White, Yellow and Rose gold, and a large selection of stone shapes including, round brilliant, pear, cushion, baguette and radiant cut.


We may be slightly biased, but you can never have enough pieces of jewellery- it doesn’t matter whether you wear the same clothes every day, as long as you experiment and try different looks with jewellery, no one would notice! Jewellery has the power to change not only a whole outfit, but your mood too. And I think we can all agree that there is only so many times you can gift socks at Christmas…

Show your love this Christmas with a Secrets piece. We’re the home of the diamond alternative, creating a better beautiful with stones that are grown, not mined. Our jewellery is crafted in the finest 10ct and 14ct solid gold, celebrating stones that have a lifetime guarantee for fire and brilliance.