Round Brilliant Cut

Classic and timeless, the round brilliant cut is the most popular worldwide. Cut to sparkle more than any other shape, with maximum fire and scintillation, the round brilliant is also inherently bound in romance, as the circular shape signifies love without end. It is said the woman who chooses this stone is, like the cut itself, an embodiment of class and sophistication that is both timeless and modern. 

The Benefits of a Round Brilliant Cut

  • Cut for unmatched brilliance, fire & scintillation.
  • The maximum sparkle gives the illusion of a larger stone
  • Classic & timeless - the gemstone equivalent of a rose.
  • Perfectly proportioned to look good on all finger shapes.
  • Endorsed by stylish celebs for its grandeur & elegance.
  • Easy daily wear with no sharp corners or edges.

A cut above the rest

When it comes to the round brilliant, not just any cut will do. A gemologist must have an obsession for perfection to create the exact dimensions required for a round stone to reflect its maximum radiance and beauty. You see, it's not the carat that lends the diamond its shine, but the detail and artistry of the cut. With Secrets, your round brilliant stone will indeed be a cut above the rest.

Secrets Shhh Round Diamond Simulant and Jewellers Hands



The hallmark of a top-tier round cut is when a Hearts-and-Arrows pattern appears in the stone; from the top you can see 8 perfect arrows, while from the bottom you can see 8 perfect hearts.
Due to the extreme level of cutting precision required for symmetrical patterning, Hearts and Arrows stones are called “super ideals”. Secrets always aspires to cut to this ideal, and only round stones deemed perfect are set in our 10 and 14 carat fine gold jewellery,

Round Brilliant Diamond Simulants Sketch and notes


Cut For precision
& Price

Round shaped stones need to be cut to exact proportions to reveal their maximum sparkle. When buying a mined round diamond this means you should opt for an "Excellent" cut stone, which is the top tier on the GIA diamond grade chart. An excellent cut diamond is often priced in the tens of thousands of dollars. Meanwhile, all Secrets stones are cut to the equivalent "Excellent" grade, while still remaining totally affordable.

Secrets Shhh Round Diamond Simulant Stud Earrings


Celebrate a Larger
Centre Stone

Due to the brilliant shine of a round shape stone, the ring preference is to set them simply, and allow their radiance to take centre stage. As a Secrets stone is more affordable than a mined diamond, this means you can opt for a much larger centre stone for maximum statement. Popping the question with a larger, brighter Secrets engagement ring will ensure it's a romantic moment to remember.

Featured Collections
Secrets Shhh Round Diamond Simulant Jewellery

Round Brilliant

The mark of a stylish, sophisticated women, the round brilliant cut stands the test of time with its classic appeal, versatility and beauty.

Secrets Shhh Round Diamond Simulant Rings

Round Brilliant

Models like Miranda Kerr and classically stylish celebs like Meg Ryan, Brooke Shields and Emily Blunt all sport traditional round shaped rings. 

Secrets Shhh Round Diamond Simulant Earrings

Round Brilliant

Perfectly proportioned for any ear, the round cut diamond simulant earring can be a showstopper in chandelier styles, or simply elegant as studs.

Secrets Shhh Round Diamond Simulant Bracelets

Round Brilliant 

Shimmering round beads adorning a wrist make for a beautiful anniversary gift, or a lovely self-splurge. No matter the occasion, you'll be attracting compliments!