What Is Rhodium Plating and Why You Need it

What Is Rhodium Plating and Why You Need it

There’s no denying we all love our Secrets Shhh diamond simulants and have a taste for stunning designs, but we want to ensure you also know how to care for those luxury pieces so they can last for your future generations to come.

While a lot of people wear white gold, not many are aware of the maintenance and care needed to ensure it always shines bright- they don’t know about rhodium plating and why you need it! Especially when it comes to your most cherished piece like your engagement ring or wedding band.

What is rhodium plating

Naturally, gold is a yellow colour and is mixed with other metals to create the beauty of white gold. Rhodium is then added as a final layer.

 Why should I rhodium plate?

 Rhodium plating is used over the top of the piece to not only give it a high gloss white finish, but also maintain the condition of your rings.

Rhodium is a part of the platinum family, and therefore means your precious jewellery is more durable, more scratch resistant and more lustrous!

How long does rhodium plating last?

We recommend re-rhodium plating your rings every 12 months. However, depending on your daily activities, and the types of chemicals, liquids and acids your piece is exposed to, the rhodium may wear quicker and therefore will need to be replated more frequently.

For example, your skin acidity levels may be higher than your friends, and therefore you might notice your engagement ring is starting to become yellow sooner than 12 months. If this does happen, there’s no need panic! Pop into one of our jewellery stores or contact our online team and we can organise your rhodium plating.

Is rhodium plating bad for you?

No definitely not! Rhodium is hypoallergenic which means it shouldn’t cause any allergic reactions and is safe to wear.

Can you still do regular activities with rhodium plating?

Yes of course. Plating your rings with rhodium means you can continue to live your day-to-day life. Like any other luxury jewellery piece, you should still be mindful of your rings around acidic liquids, abrasive surfaces or any strong chemicals. 

So if you’re eager to ensure the beauty and shine of your white gold rings remain, we strongly recommend speaking with someone from the Secrets Shhh team about rhodium plating! There are so many benefits of doing this, your engagement ring, anniversary rings, dress rings and the rest of your jewellery will thank you for it.