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Any diamond, whether it be mined, man-made or diamond simulant, are all graded against the 4 C’s- colour, cut, clarity and carat. These four factors are crucial when selecting your next piece of jewellery. At Secrets, each of our stones are crafted using the same standards within the diamond industry, including the 4 C’s. Today, we’ll be going through the importance of “colour” in a stone.

GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is one of the worlds most recognised and greatly respected diamond laboratories. This organisation was developed to give guidance and standardise the diamond industry. They are most famous for creating “4 C’s” – the globally used matrix to determine the worth and quality of a stone.

The colour of a stone is graded from “D” to “Z” on the GIA Scale.


Each letter represents the level of colour that is found within the stone. D is known as “colourless” and the scale goes down to “Z” representing the most yellow of stones. Truly colourless stones are extremely rare and difficult to find in the world, because of this they are very valuable.

Our Secrets Signature Diamond Simulants are whiter and brighter than most mined diamonds, with a colour grading of D-F. We grow our stones to the highest standards used within the diamond industry, ensuring each and every diamond simulant are crafted for a lifetime of fire and brilliance. Due to the superior quality of our materials, it’s extremely difficult to distinguish a Secrets diamond simulant to a mined diamond with the naked eye.

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