The History of the Pear Cut

The History of the Pear Cut

We’re continuing our history series with the beautiful pear shaped diamond cut. Paving the way for innovation and style, this cut is the most flattering and forgiving of the bunch- matching perfectly with almost every other style and hand.

The Appearance:

  • It has either 58 or 71 triangular facets and is often called the “teardrop cut.”
  • This shape is a hybrid of the round brilliant cut and the marquise cut, which is what creates the rounded bottom and a narrow top
  • You’ll notice there are more facets at the top of stone, this technique is called French tipping.

A Brief History:

  • Before the pear shape was developed, it’s creater- Lodewyk van Berquem invented the diamond polishing wheel (which is still used today). Van Berquem also pioneered the diamond cutting concept of symmetry and placement of facets which influenced the most popular diamond cuts.
  • During 1458, the pear shape was created. However it did not have the same reputation it has today. In fact, the pear shape was not encouraged within the industry due to the amount of rough diamond that was wasted in the cutting stage.
  • The pear shape finally took off in pop culture after the early 2000’s when celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Katherine Heigl began showing off their new rocks and references were made in the popular TV show, Sex and the City. The most famous celebrity to wear this style is the iconic Elizabeth Taylor.


Despite its up’s and down’s throughout pop culture, the pear shape cut will forever elongate and extenuate the fingers of millions.

At Secrets, keeping this flattering hybrid design is easy with our eco-friendly stones that have been grown in a laboratory and cut by our advanced technology to the same exacting standards as the diamond. Our stones are whiter, brighter and near flawless in colour, graded D-F on the GIA Scale.

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