The Beauty of Three Stone Rings

Secrets Shhh

Every relationship is worth cherishing, how you do that exactly is up to you. At Secrets Shhh we love our range of 3 stone rings to perfectly sum up your unique history, and future plans you have together. They are a special reminder to enjoy your present, celebrate your past and look forward to the future. 

What is a Three Stone Ring?

Three stone rings are a very classical style of ring that was first introduced in the early 2000’s. Traditionally, these rings will consist of 3 beautiful stones, with the centre stone being the focus of the piece and having two smaller stones on either side.

Nowadays, as trends come and go and brands such as Secrets Shhh continue to develop new designs there is such a large range of new options that don’t necessarily stick to this old design. The most popular stone cuts are round brilliant cut, princess cut and cushion cut. 

If you’re looking for a three stone ring which is a little different, or you want to wear as a statement piece, enjoy browsing our range of emerald cut and oval cut options. 

What do Three Stone rings stand for?

3 stone rings are very special, and can hold an incredible amount of sentiment and love for a couple. Three stone rings are commonly known to represent your past, present and future. However they can also reflect “yesterday, today and tomorrow”, “friendship, love and fidelity” or “mother, father and child.” Whichever you way you prefer, 3 stone rings are the perfect symbol of your eternal love. 

What hand/finger do you wear Three Stone rings?

One of the many benefits of a three stone ring is it can be worn on either hand (left or right), depending on the style and what it symbolises for your relationship.

 If you’re wanting to wear a 3 stone engagement ring then it would be reasonable to suggest that it will be worn on your wedding finger. If your 3stone ring is given as an anniversary gift, then we suggest it to be worn on the same finger on your right hand.

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What’s the difference between an anniversary band and a 3 stone ring?

Three stone rings and anniversary rings are very similar in regards to its symbolism, representing one’s relationship, life, and love with their significant other.  

3 stone rings not only make beautiful anniversary gifts, but they can also be given as an engagement ring, push present or a stunning gesture for your love. They will always feature three stones.  

Anniversary rings are different in the sense that they can come in a variety of designs, styles, sizes and shapes. They are commonly purchased to represent individual anniversaries, rather than a collective celebration of your past, present and future together. A lot of people now use their anniversary rings as everyday stacking rings, rather than a feature piece. 

 If you’re not ready to purchase a three stone ring, that’s okay! We also offer a range of special rings that are equally as meaningful, including celebration rings, eternity and promise rings. There shouldn’t be anything stopping you from sharing your love. 

How do I pick the best style of 3 Stone Ring to match my wedding rings?

If you’re wanting to wear your three stone ring with your existing wedding set, we recommend looking at the type of cut you’re already wearing along with the colour of gold and the gold carat weight to help make your decision. You want to make sure the style of ring you get, won’t damage your engagement set by rubbing or not fitting together. Our sales professionals both in store and online are here to help you find the perfect fit, if you do have any questions, or want to book a 1-1 appointment, you can find our contact details here

At Secrets we’re so proud to offer our customers the freedom to choose jewellery that suits your style and ethos, offering the finest diamond simulants in exquisite designs in white, yellow and rose gold in 10ct and 14ct gold options.