Secrets to giving forever bridal gifts

Secrets to giving forever bridal gifts

“To do or not to do?”, that is the question plaguing modern brides (and grooms) when it comes to every consideration from whether to lavish gifts on your bridal party or offer “favours” for every wedding guest (traditionally these are known as bonbonniere). 

The answer is simple: whatever feels right as its your day to show your cherished guests who you are as a couple, from your shared values down to your collective (perhaps quirky) sense of style. 

While some wedding traditions are downright conventional: the bridal waltz, throwing the bouquet; the etiquette surrounding gift-giving by the bride and groom is more nebulous. Even though there are no inviolable rules about who to gift what and when, here are some important considerations. 

Hidden extras 
A personalised gift for every member of your bridal party will go a long way towards expressing your heartfelt gratitude. Do spend a little extra on your Maid of Honour as, brides, she’s there for you every step of the way, even down to the unglamorous business of lifting your wedding ‘meringue’ (aka dress) while you toilet! It’s a good idea too to keep a little fat in the wedding budget for those “hidden extras” – gifts for the flower girls, the parents and even the grandparents on both sides. 

The boomerang effect 
What goes around comes around… when working out what to spend on each person, think about the costs they’ll incur just to be there for you. Did your bridesmaids pay for their own never-to-be-worn-again dress and matching shoes? Were your guests obliged to pay for flights and accommodation to attend your destination wedding? We’re not suggesting you forgo the honeymoon to fork out for pressies, but as far as possible, be as generous with your money as your special guests are with their time (and financial outlay). 

Timing’s everything 
You want your bridesmaids to complement you, not compete with you, so gifting jewellery of your choice is a smart way not to be outdone on the bling. If you truly want your besties to wear those gorgeous Secrets drop earrings, sparkling tennis bracelet or subtly elegant solitaire pendant, why not proffer these bridesmaids bijoux as a gift? A good time to spring the surprise is while the girls are getting dressed for the wedding. There’s no time like the present (no pun intended!). 

Secrets to forever friendships
Whether its sterling silver or 14ct solid gold, a Secrets gift is a forever memento of your wedding and the good times you shared that day. It’s also a beautiful symbol of your enduring friendship. The beauty of Secrets is we have gift price-points for every wedding budget from beer to champagne. Plan ahead and shop now