Love At First Sight

Love At First Sight

If you believe in love at first sight, your conviction might be more than a hunch, at least according to science. 

Did you know your brain can decide in a split second whether you’re attracted to someone or not? 

When two strangers lock eyes, and their love-hungry gaze is reciprocated, they feel a gravitational pull towards each other. According to neuroscience, this “pull” is our adaptive oscillators coming into play.  When we’re attracted to someone, dopamine, oxytocin and adrenalin are released in our brain, triggering feelings of euphoria, bonding and excitement. 

That’s why falling in love is so addictive – it rewards your brain with feel-good chemicals – a sensation scientists say is akin to a rush of cocaine.

We’d all agree that falling in love is the easy part… it’s staying in love that’s the challenge. This is where our needs, expectations and attachment patterns come to the fore. 

What if we were to put this collective wisdom to the test? That’s precisely what reality TV show Married at First Sight (Channel 9) does in what’s described as “Australia’s most controversial and ground-breaking social experiment”. Now in its fifth season, sparks are set to fly as 22 singles tie the knot to complete strangers. 

But love’s definitely not blind. Using a mix of neuroscience and psychology, the show’s three expert matchmakers pair the 22 singles into 11 couples, each seeking the happily ever after. Peering inside the bell jar of human relationships, Married at First Sight examines which couples thrive, and which fizzle, and offers fascinating insights into reasons why. 

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We’re honoured to be the wedding ring partner of Married at First Sight (series five 2018). 

If, like Secrets, you tuned in for the first compelling episode last night (January 29, 2018), you’re likely hooked on the show. Secrets isn’t afraid to admit it – we’re addicted! Must be love at first sight… 

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