The Best Routines to get into the Habit of with your Jewellery!

The Best Routines to get into the Habit of with your Jewellery!


You may have been in denial of this tip, but we highly recommend sticking to it this year! Taking off your jewellery will not only keep your pieces looking brand new but will help stones remain bright and scratch free! Things such as skincare, oils, certain fabrics and other liquids can significantly affect the appearance and brilliance of your jewellery. To make this routine easier, we suggest taking off your jewellery when you brush your teeth, or when you put your phone on charge. Pairing two habits together makes it easier to remember!



Like your other precious valuables, cleaning your jewellery is something you should try to do more of! We definitely understand how easy it can be to push this to the bottom of your never-ending list, but for this new routine we suggest keeping a cloth, or jewellery wipe right next to your jewellery box! It will make this process easier, and not seem like such a hassle! Say hello to brilliantly shining jewellery!



This is crucial to maintain the care of your jewellery! Separating your metals is crucial to minimize scratches and marks. Gold in particular is quite a soft metal, and can be scratched easily, especially when stored with a much stronger metal like sterling silver.



Time flies when you’re having fun! And jewellery often goes missing… When we’re out with friends, your jewellery can sometimes be the last thing that’s on your mind. If you often come home after a great night only to release you’ve walked home with only one earring, we recommend starting a new habit of storing your jewellery away after you make your big entrance (or earlier in the night) to ensure they don’t go missing! To make sure they’re safe from scratches or marks, we also recommend popping them in a small pouch.


No one likes spending at least 20 minutes untangling necklaces, chains and bracelets, and yet we still manage to never clasp anything back together. The last routine we recommend is to clasp everything and anything as soon as you take them off. It not only will avoid you from arriving late to parties because you couldn’t use a single necklace, but also will be much cheaper for you in the long run.


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