Material Girls

Material Girls
Why not ‘Express Yourself’ by layering multiple bracelets up your wrists Madonna-style?
Not the black rubber bracelets the Queen of Pop stacked like quoits up her arms in the early 80s (circa Lucky Star; Holiday); no, we’re talking about the high glam look of her Material Girl days.  


 With handsome suitors – and diamonds – dangling off her wrists, Madonna’s 1984 music video was a pastiche of Marilyn Monroe’s performance of Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend from the 1953 film, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Dressed in a hot pink satin cocktail dress and matching evening gloves, the pop diva exuded ultra-femme glam. Oh, the razzle-dazzle of those diamond-laden wrists! (Almost blinding).

 Madonna elevated jewellery layering to an artform in the 80s, which paved the way for millennial Material Girls to take risks and have fun. Whether you emulate Madonna’s edginess, embrace the popular ‘glamorous hippie’ look or simply be true to you, layering is a visually rich mode of self-expression.

Just bear in mind it’s quality over quantity. The number of bracelets you layer up your arms is inconsequential, what’s important is how the different designs, metal tones and stone shapes combine to create a winning look.

round brilliant cut tennis braceletsHere Secrets mixes classical pieces: round brilliant cut tennis bracelets and sliders; a vintage-looking chevron style slider; and more fun fashion pieces: our double solitaire ‘embrace’ bangle and ‘contemporary bangle’.

It’s an eclectic mix but together they combine to create luxe layers.

 If you’re accessorising both arms, we suggest you wear fewer bracelets on each wrist for style and balance.round brilliant cut tennis bracelets

So the next time you reach for your Smartphone, the world will see you are indeed a millennial Material Girl.