Let's celebrate love

Let's celebrate love

When’s the ideal time to give an anniversary ring? The answer’s simple, it’s a personal choice, the timing’s not set in stone. But if you’re still wondering when, Secrets shares some suggestions with you.

The big question answered: when

Convention would propose the big milestone anniversaries such as 10th, 25th, 50th and beyond, but contemporary thinking also suggests your first wedding anniversary or the birth of your first child.

After all, what woman wouldn’t want a diamond (simulant) ring for her first wedding anniversary instead of paper as tradition dictates? If we were sticklers for tradition, we women would have to wait until our 50th wedding anniversary for something gold and until our 60th for a diamond! And given the average marriage age of Australian women is 29.9, we’d be praying to the longevity gods to reach our 89.9th year. And we’d be praying for hubby’s good health too, so he can put a ring on it – again.

The burning question answered: what

Depending on how long you’ve been married, you may desire an anniversary ring which complements your original bridal set, or to update and even replace an outmoded fashion.

If like my mum (married 50 years) your engagement ring is a yellow gold high claw set diamond solitaire (very much in vogue in 1968), you might prefer to replace it with a white gold three-stone ring for a more contemporary look. Couples love the symbolism of three-stone rings, representing the past, present and future of their relationship.

If she loves her original bridal set, choose something complementary, which can also be worn on her ring finger. It could be our six-stone round brilliant end set eternity band representing your six years of marriage or an all-rounder eternity band in a different gold colour to her bridal set for a fashionable mixed metal look. All-rounders (diamond simulants all the way around the ring) are a popular eternity ring as they symbolise an ever-lasting love.

Dare to be different. A more ‘blingy’ or coloured (simulated) gemstone ring can be worn on the right hand and be entirely different to the bridal set. Consider a Secrets rose gold and simulated morganite ring or a Secrets 3-carat three-stone ring

The styling question answered: how to wear

There’s no right or wrong way, however the style of anniversary ring you choose will dictate how it is worn. Three popular ways to wear an anniversary ring are:

  1. With the existing bridal set. Ring stacking etiquette dictates anniversary band first, engagement ring second and wedding band third.
  2. Instead of the engagement ring. Usually an upgrade on an outmoded original ring.
  3. On the right hand. If the anniversary ring is a completely different style to the bridal set.

A final word…. Whatever you choose, you want an anniversary ring that reflects her personal style and is as special as your relationship.