Layer it on me

Layer it on me

We layer our clothing in winter to rug up (and feel nurtured), so why not pile on the jewellery too to create luxe layers?

We’ve taken this fashion impulse to the next level by showing you how to accessorise to the max while remaining within the dictates of good (fashion) taste.

Layering is the perfect way to switch up your look – and all you need is just a few favourite Secrets pieces to achieve this. We show you here how easy it is to do

1. It’s a handy thing 

Even if (like me) you think your hands are not your best physical feature, you can draw attention to them (in a flattering way) by making them positively sparkle! We’ve taken one of our classic round brilliant cut solitaire engagement rings set in rose gold and amplified its sparkle by adding a couple of white gold fancy eternity (or anniversary) rings. Mixing metals, stone shapes and sizes, and even band widths all work together to highlight the perfect beauty of the solitaire.

Similarly, see how the round brilliant rose gold tennis bracelet contrasts beautifully with the ‘contemporary’ white gold tennis bracelet featuring alternating baguette and round brilliant cut stones. It’s the same styling principle executed to stunning effect.

2. Maxed out

Here we take jewellery layering to its sartorial limits and show how you can look glamorous, playful and tasteful all at once.

We throw convention to the wind and tell you it’s okay to wear a solitaire engagement ring on your middle finger, a wide band fancy cut dress on your ring finger, and a thin band wedding ring on your pinkie.

We encourage you to test the limits of edgy glam too by layering on as many tennis bracelets as you dare! Anything goes… as long as you feel comfortable with the idea and can carry off your chosen  look with casual elegance.

3. Pave-ing the way

Okay, there’s a lot going on in this look, yet it manages to still look elegant and refined. The centrepiece is a white gold, triple row pave set dress ring. The pave setting is characterised by an intense concentration of tiny round brilliant diamond simulants that sparkle – a lot! Add a couple of thin band, rose gold round brilliant wedding bands and it’s subtle bling on steroids.

The beauty of this look is you can mix it up. You could choose to wear both thin bands together on either side of the pave dress ring, or you can keep adding to your ring stack by introducing new bands in different gold colours and styles. The knuckle’s the limit!

4. Twisted sister

Put your own twist on the whole jewellery layering trend and style your way. Personalisation comes down to the little details, like choosing to intertwine your necklets. And when you’re on to a good thing, why not redouble your styling efforts by wearing two of the same design? We like the simple, elegant symmetry of this hot white gold look.

Quick takeaway: anything goes! We invite you to take inspiration from Secrets’ extensive, eclectic, exquisitely irresistible jewellery collection to discover your personal style.