Independence is a beautiful thing

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Perhaps one of the most unsettling aspects of divorce for women is the parting of ways – with their bridal ring sets. Many newly separated women admit to feeling naked. Yes, that’s right, naked.

Stripped of her wife status, and divested of her married name, a recently divorced friend, Claire, confided that she felt naked, especially in public, because her ring finger was now bare. It was itching for a ring, but not any ordinary ring. My friend was emerging from the chrysalis of a stormy marriage and she was ready to spread her beautiful butterfly wings.

For Claire, choosing a Secrets liberation ring was a gift of self-love after going through a turbulent divorce. She ended up settling on a three-stone ring after consulting with Stacey at Secrets Melbourne CBD.

“I explained it symbolised her past, present and future and she loved the concept,” Stacey says.

“I’m finding more and more women are buying liberation rings, simply because they deserve it.”

Jess at Secrets Chadstone says it’s an individual choice but reasons can vary from simply liking having a ring on “that finger” to a desire to treat themselves after years of putting others first.

Jess recounts the story of a recently divorced woman, Sally, who’d been married for 23 years. Sally lamented she felt lost without her wedding ring set but didn’t want to continue to wear it.

“We helped Sally her find her dream bridal set (the one she always wanted but didn’t get to choose for herself), and she was over the moon,” Jess says.

Owner of Secrets Chermside, Jen says a liberation ring can be useful to newly single women in other ways.

“If a woman has a ring on her ring finger, it publicly signals to potential suitors that’s she’s already taken,” Jen says.

“This can be immensely empowering to women who may wish to go out and enjoy themselves without feeling any pressure to start dating straight away. It gives them a sense of security and anonymity.”

Jen says her customers often choose a liberation ring that’s completely different to their bridal set; something that’s more representative of their new life beginning.

Emma at Secrets Pacific Fair (Gold Coast) agrees. Typically her customers are looking for a ring that symbolises a fresh start.

“Divorce is immensely stressful and after the papers are signed, it’s time to treat themselves,” Emma says.

“They’ve got the new haircut, the new outfit, and they need a Secrets liberation ring to complete the look.”

Emma says the larger the stone, the higher the bar is set for the next guy who comes along.

“His immediate impression is that he’s dating a classy lady,” Emma says.

“This sews the seed in his mind that when it comes to buying her an engagement ring, it will have to match the beauty and sophistication of her Secrets liberation ring.”

If you find yourself newly separated, let Secrets hold your hand and help you find the perfect adornment for your ring finger. There’s no reason to ever feel naked again.