How to size your partners ring without giving it away

How to size your partners ring without giving it away

We get it. It’s a tough gig not only trying to hide the fact that you’re going to propose to the love of your life, but also having to size their finger without them knowing! Now before you start to panic- take a deep breath, we’re here to help you.

Before we even get to the sneaky part, you need to know what you’re going to be sizing with! This is where our free ring sizer kit comes in handy. Or if you’re on a stricter timeframe, we recommend the paper method. Not sure about both? Learn about it. 

 Now we’re onto the fun stuff.

The first step: How to size your partners ring without them knowing.

 Do they have collection of other jewellery? That’s a goldmine! But be careful, you want to size a piece they wear often or within the last month or so.

  1. Pretend your gifting jewellery for a parent, sibling or friend, and size their hand because “it’s similar” You can do this in one of our stores
  1. If a friend of yours has similar sized hand and fingers, size their finger for a rough idea.
  1. Take a photo of the ring! Either next to a ruler or if that’s not available next to a coin. then take that to one of our Secrets Shhh stores for some help from one of our sales professionals.
  1. Do you have a bar of soap handy? Grab one from the shower and press a ring of theirs into it. It will create an imprint of the shape so you can correctly measure it.

The second step: when to size your partners ring without them knowing

  1. It’s recommended that you take your jewellery off before you shower, so that’s a perfect time to get the measurements. But be quick!
  1. Does your partner like to garden? Help out for a few hours and after a while outside, go “get some water/snack”- you’ve got plenty of time. Watch out for any windows! 
  1. Measure while they are asleep- it’s a little risky but we’d love to hear your stories if you’ve been able to pull this method off!
  1. The next time you’re shopping together, make a joke about a not so appealing ring and get them to try it on! You’ll have to be quick to remember whether it was too small, or too big from the size they tried!
  1. Still having no luck? This is when you will have to call a friend. They can get away with being a little more obvious and they might have better ideas for the perfect moment to get that size!

Still a little lost? Share the fun! Times are changing and traditional engagement etiquette is out the window! Why don’t you talk about your plans for proposal (whether it be all the details or a selected few) and go to one of our beautiful boutiques to size your fingers together. They may even give you some more ideas on the style of ring they like.

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