Heavy metal

Secrets Shhh


Why wear one gold colour when you can wear them all? It’s a bold suggestion, but stacking yellow, white and rose gold rings can really make your appearance ‘pop’. Wear multiple rings on one finger and / or spread them over all five divine digits for a ‘heavy metal’ look.

One of the wonderful features of Secrets’ exquisite 10ct and 14ct gold ring collections is that most designs are replicated in yellow, white and rose gold. That’s triple the choice and triple the stacking possibilities.

Secrets’ stylist Jodi Holzapfel says it’s incredible how different a ring design can look depending on the gold colour you choose, so it’s incredibly easy to mix and match with Secrets.

“Mixing metals can make you stand out from the crowd and give your jewellery the unique and modern edge you’re looking for,” Jodi says.

“Alternate yellow, white and rose gold with different stone cuts to stunning effect. Or stick to one gold colour that best suits your skin tone. With Secrets, you can have it all!”  

Did you know that stacking rings can also create the illusion of slenderising and lengthening fingers? Ladder them up your longest finger, and your shortest, and even right past your knuckle for a bold statement look.

 “Stacking gives you incredible flexibility to express your individual fashion style,” Jodi says.

“The trick is to keep the ring assortment cohesive without being too ‘matchy-matchy’. Avoid ‘chunkier’ dress rings and opt instead for our delicate bands, or wider band widths, or a combination of both.”

A hot look among millennial brides is to wear wedding bands on the top and bottom of their engagement ring for a fashion look that completely eschews tradition.

“Mixing in a different metal colour to your engagement ring looks really contemporary and can even update the look of a dated bridal set,” Jodi says.