Get the style advantage at Secrets

Get the style advantage at Secrets

Get the style advantage at Secrets

 There’s no denying Russia’s Maria Sharapova is among the tennis elite serving up a smashing Australian Open (2019), which concludes January 27. Sharapova slammed defending champion, Caroline Wozniacki, in a dramatic three-set win last Friday (January 18).

While Sharapova knocked the Danish world number three out of the first tournament in the 2019 Grand Slam series, Wozniacki has certainly been seen sporting a winning look while in Melbourne.  

The ‘great Dane’s’ stunning engagement ring literally took ‘centre court’ in the style stakes. Her sparkler showcases a very large (8.8 carat) cushion cut oval diamond flanked by a channel-set diamond band. The D colour flawless diamond is very rare – and estimated to cost more than a million Euro (approximately AUD $1.6 million).


Advantage set

‘D’ is the absolute finest colourless stone rating in the world (according to the industry standard MOHS scale, which alphabetically rates diamond colour from D to Z). Secrets diamond simulants, by comparison, mimic a DEF colour diamond. To the naked eye, our superior quality stones resemble the rarest white diamonds unearthed, just like Wozniacki’s.

To put you in the picture, most mined diamonds are generally a H or I colour, or less. This is the reason Secrets’ diamond simulants are visibly whiter and brighter than the average jewellery-quality diamond.

What’s more, our stones are cut to the same exact proportions and standards demanded by the diamond industry for maximum brilliance, fire and scintillation, so aesthetically they look just like a cut diamond.

All of this makes Secrets’ oval cut knife edge engagement ring (and matching wedding band) a positive game changer. Fans of the oval cut can own the Wozniacki-look for just AUD $799! The 2.5-carat (equivalent) oval cut centre stone measures approximately 10mm x 8mm and is set in 14-carat solid gold. The on-trend knife edge band sparkles with tiny round brilliant diamond simulants, taking it to a total of 2.75-carats (equivalent).

We find the oval cut is a real ‘hit’ with modern brides, as it gives the illusion of lengthening and slenderising the ring finger. By wearing this stone cut you will court much attention!

Secrets tennis bracelets are ‘ace’

With the Australian Open in full swing, a new Secrets tennis bracelet will surely hit your sweet spot!

Did you know Chris Evert’s now famous wardrobe malfunction during the 1987 US Open was responsible for the naming of the tennis bracelet? Evert called a halt mid-game to search for her diamond bracelet, which had unclasped and fallen on court. The match was postponed until it was found. This real-life on court drama gave rise to an enduring nickname, the ‘tennis bracelet’.

We guarantee this will not happen with a Secrets tennis bracelet. Our 10 carat gold tennis bracelets have a strong box clasp and two figure eight clasps, so that’s multiple points in which it’s held securely. Great for those volley shots, but you don’t have to be the sporty type to look ‘ace’ in one of Secrets’ elegant and refined tennis bracelets. It’s the ultimate special occasion or milestone anniversary gift.

Sliders are the next generation tennis bracelets

A stylish twist on the classic tennis bracelet, our sterling silver sliders are designed to fit every wrist thanks to an adjustable clasp. A ‘heavy hitting’ gift idea at a winning price! One is refined, but many layered is right on trend.