Corporate Styling 101

Corporate Styling 101

Corporate fashion can be tricky, especially when you’re walking into a new job. There’s a fine line between corporate and causal outfits, and you don’t want give the wrong impression. To help with this process, we’ve listed the top 5 tips for corporate styling.


You wouldn’t want to walk into a law firm wearing mini skirt and singlet, nor would you want to walk into a surf shop with a full blazer and suit.

It’s best to research the standards within your chosen industry, and read over the dress code for your business. Education is key, and you will only set yourself up to succeed if you spend some time beforehand doing some research.


When loose threads are showing, your clothes don’t fit or your skin is green from jewellery, it doesn’t look good, and can give the wrong impression to your work colleagues.

We recommend investing in a small amount of quality pieces that will last for a long time- it shows that you take yourself seriously, and overall gives a more professional appearance.  It also saves you money in the long run, as you’re not having to replace items as frequently.

Our Secrets jewellery is crafted in 10 carat and 14 carat solid gold and our stones have a lifetime guarantee for fire and brilliance. When you shop Secrets, you’re shopping an affordable luxury that will last forever.


Disrupting your work colleagues and clients is the last thing you want to do in any job- loud jewellery is a mistake most people make when dressing for work. Big earrings, multiple bangles and loud necklaces can be really irritating in a workplace.

To avoid this mistake, we recommend wearing slightly tighter bracelets, smaller earrings and simple necklaces.

Our Slider bracelets are perfect for wearing to work, as you can adjust the tightness to fit your wrist, while still having a full glam look. Our stud earrings collection has a wide range of shapes and carat equivalent sizes so there’s a pair for everyone. If you prefer some sparkle around your décolletage, our collection of pendants, chains and necklaces would be perfect.


It can be financially draining shopping for two separate wardrobes so to avoid this problem, we suggest thinking about pieces that can be “dressed down” during the work week, and “dressed up” for your time off. With your personal style in mind, look for items that are more flexible and can be paired easily with other items.

During the day, for a more minimalistic approach, one or two rings from our celebration collection would be great- they won’t get in the way, make noise or grab unwanted attention. After work, for the perfect amount of glam, we suggest adding a dress ring or two. A bigger stone will certainly turn some heads!


Always dress to impress at work, however as long as your putting your best foot forward with a good attitude, strong work ethic and great communication skills, you’ll be great either way. Confidence is everything so make sure that you stay true to your style, and your personality.