Breaking down facts from fakes: Round Brilliant cut diamond simulants

Breaking down facts from fakes: Round Brilliant cut diamond simulants

Traditionally, Round Brilliant cut diamonds are the most expensive, most valuable and sought-after style of cut. At Secrets the value of our jewellery, the quality of our craftsmanship and the intracity of our designs is not determined by the shape of the stone. 

We can agree that the beauty of a round brilliant cut stone is mesmerising, and due to our most advanced technology, our quality and value is not restricted by a cut unlike mined and man-made diamonds. We’ve unpacked the most common stereotypes and questions surrounding round brilliant cuts, breaking the fakes from facts about round brilliant cut diamond simulants.

What makes a round brilliant cut?

This stone cut is iconic for its unique round shape that includes 58 facets throughout crown, girdle and pavilion of the stone. A perfectly cut round brilliant stone will include the famous hearts and arrows pattern, a result of flawless symmetry, polish and proportions. 

Why do they hold the most sparkle?

The sparkle of any diamond or diamond simulant comes from the stone’s brilliance. When a stone is impeccably cut, the light will bounce from facet to facet within the stone and then outwards from the top- creating the perfect light return. When a stone is cut poorly, the light refraction will bounce to either the side or bottom of the stone. Round brilliant cut diamonds and diamond simulants have the most sparkle because of the many facets they include, these facets have a mirroring effect with the light which gives a brighter stone appearance.

Why are they the most expensive?

Round brilliant diamonds and man-made diamonds are the most expensive shape because more of the stone’s rough is discarded to create the perfectly round appearance. The quality of that rough is then determined by 4 specific features- known as the 4 C’s. If a stone is given the highest grade for its Carat, Cut, Clarity and Colour then that will mean the price of your jewellery is increased. For more information about the 4 C’s, read here.

We understand there are bigger things to worry about than the price of a diamond, which is why we’ve searched the world for the highest quality diamond simulants that don’t cost the earth. Our Round brilliant diamond simulant engagement rings are up to 80% less than mined diamond  * so you can focus on what matters and still shine for a lifetime.

Can you tell the difference a round cut diamond from a diamond simulant by Secrets Shhh?

No! To the naked eye, you cannot tell the difference between a mined diamond and one of our signature diamond simulants. Why? Because we use the most advanced technology to grow a new generation of roughs and precisely cut our diamond simulants to replicate the rarest of diamonds. Our pieces are still graded against the 4 C’s to ensure maximum fire, brilliance and scintillation. 

Every Signature Secrets diamond simulant is graded D-E in colour, flawless to VS1 in clarity, consist of perfect hearts and arrows and cut to the same exacting standards demanded by the jewellery industry. We’re proud to offer this conflict free stone as defined by the Kimberly process, that is affordable but more importantly of the highest quality.


Want to show off a round brilliant cut diamond simulant? We recommend browsing through our engagement rings range. This cut is our most popular choice for engagement and wedding jewellery, so you will discover a number of styles like halo engagement rings, solitaire engagement rings and stunning wedding bands. For a completed look, we offer beautiful tennis bracelets, stud earrings, drop earrings and gold pendants celebrating the round brilliant cut stone.

*Up to 80% less than an equivalent mined diamond engagement ring. Applies only to Secrets engagement rings 0.75carat equivalent centre stone and over. Saving is compared to an equivalent mined diamond engagement ring.