7 tips to find the one (The ring we mean!)

7 tips to find the one (The ring we mean!)

Size, shape, cut and colour, oh my!

Although we aren’t on the yellow brick road anymore, we do understand how overwhelming it can be when choosing your engagement ring and wedding ring. However, with the right tools and recommendations, this process doesn’t have to be so scary.

When you choose to work with our signature diamond simulants, you aren’t compromising on brilliance or shine, instead you’re opening yourself up to a variety of cuts, bands, gold colours and sizes, which can be specifically tailored to your style. This freedom and luxury isn’t going to cost the earth either, as each eco-friendly stone is lab grown with a lifetime guarantee on fire and brilliance.

Now that you’re all set to start researching and planning your rings, this is when creating a visual guide like a digital mood board (via Pinterest works for us!) can help you find your perfect piece.

Below we’ve shared some hot tips on what to include in your mood board and how those elements can take the stress out of the decision process.

Things you might want to include:

  1. Your jewellery #goals! It doesn’t matter how big or small, simple or extravagant they are. This will tell you the overall look and feel you like the best.
  2. Lifestyle images. Eg. dream holiday destinations, indoor interiors. This will help you find a particular style you might like. Eg. boho, classical, feminine or edgy.
  3. Wedding inspiration. Everything from dress ideas to the chair cover colours. We recommend that you pick a ring that is similar to the style of wedding you’re imagining.
  4. What do you often wear? Looking at your wardrobe, what colours do you see? Add your favourite pieces. Pairing jewellery colours with the frequent colours you wear can be a great help in the decision process.
  5. Textures! Eg. watercolours or rustic wood, your favourite pieces of furniture. Look out for common shapes which will guide your choice of cuts.
  6. Colour Palettes. Similar reason to why we recommend adding your favourite clothing, your ring should compliment your favourite colours.
  7. Paying attention to the aesthetic of the typography, this can also help guide the overall style of your mood board.

If you’re looking at your collection of images and worried that they don’t match together- that’s okay! Each element you pop into your mood board will help direct you to your ideal ring.

The colours you wear and like the most will influence the colour of your diamond simulant.  

The lifestyle and inspiration photos will often show a common theme. Eg. boho, classical, feminine, or edgy.

The textures and lines will help with picking a shape of stone.

Sadly, we can’t make all your decisions, but we have recommended a few options below based on some popular styles.