5 Reasons Why you Should Wear a Halo Engagement Ring!

Secrets Shhh

Do you love halo engagement rings as much as we do? Well if you’re not convinced already, these 5 reasons why you NEED to have a halo engagement ring will definitely change your mind. Whether you’re a sucker for a timeless look, or want the illusion of a bigger stone without spending as much, you cannot go wrong with a beautiful halo ring.

More sparkle

Whether you’re a single row halo person or a double halo person, you’ll be spoilt for shine! The extra ring around the centre stone means more stones to shine brighter day and night! Our Secrets Signature Diamond Simulants come with a lifetime guarantee for fire and brilliance, are graded D-F on the GIA scale and are virtually indistinguishable from mined diamonds to the naked eye. 

More protection for your centre stone

Unlike other styles such as solitaire rings or three stone rings, the halo of smaller rings act as the perfect protective barrier around the centre stone. But don’t forget, our pieces are fine jewellery and need to always be treated with love. For more tips on how to care for your jewellery, read here.

It’s a timeless choice

Halo rings have been worn since the 18th century and over that time this incredible ring style has been worn throughout Hollywood, both on screen and off. It’s popularity within celebrity engagements, has inspired millions to wear their very own halo. Like the iconic solitaire ring, halo engagement rings will continue to be one of the most popular, and timeless styles to go for.

Enjoy the illusion of a bigger ring

One of the benefits of a halo engagement ring is you can get away with a slightly smaller centre stone, because the beautiful rings of stones surrounding it will make your ring look bigger overall. Love that big look? Browse our double halo rings!

There’s more design freedom

Halo rings are one of those styles which compliment almost every stone cut and colour! There’s no limit to what you can wear with an abundance of choice, especially at Secrets Shhh. We have emerald halo rings, oval halo rings and princess halo rings just to name a few!